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Military Programs celebrate the third anniversary of the Tuition Assistance Promise

In May of 2019, Boise State University Military Programs announced that it would honor the federal government’s Tuition Assistance rate of $250 per credit in select undergraduate online degree programs for active duty, guard and reserve members, launching the Tuition Assistance Promise.

The Tuition Assistance Promise is now celebrating its third anniversary and has made a direct impact for many service members. Tuition Assistance Promise in conjunction with Boise State’s fully online degree programs allow service members to progress towards degree completion while working full-time, managing reassignments to new locations or even during deployments. Eligible online degree programs include interdisciplinary professional studies, applied science, management, public relations, public health, imaging sciences and the online degree pathway.

Savings for student success

The goal of the Tuition Assistance Promise is to bridge the gap between federal tuition assistance and current tuition costs. The Tuition Assistance Promise also encourages service members to use educational benefits that are available to them so they are prepared for the next step in their career when they transition out of the military.

The Tuition Assistance Promise saves participating students over $750 per year, on average. This savings eliminates the remaining tuition that federal tuition assistance does not cover and helps reduce the financial barriers many service members face.

Since the launch of the program, the usage of Tuition Assistance at Boise State has increased in addition to increased enrollment of military students in Boise State Online programs.

Supporting the unique needs of military members

The Tuition Assistance Promise is just one way that Boise State Military Programs support the needs of military members. Boise State Military Programs strengthened partnerships across the university to create a streamlined process with signature support for military students from beginning to end.

Military students benefit from flexible options, such as a wide variety of fully online degree programs that can be completed when and where students need them, testing services that enable service members to earn college credits and professional development opportunities that enhance a student’s military and post-military career.

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