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Repeated Credits

When determining aid eligibility for a semester, some repeated classes may be excluded from the financial aid eligible credit count.

This may mean you receive less Pell Grant funding, or no federal loans, if you’re enrolled less than half-time (6 undergraduate credits, 5 graduate credits). Ineligible repeated credits may also impact your eligibility for scholarships and work-study positions.

  • In most cases, if you’ve never passed a given class (with a D- or better), it is financial aid eligible.
  • You can also be paid for repeating a previously passed course as long it is the first repeat of the course.

The following examples show if a repeated course would be financial aid eligible:

Examples1st Attempt2nd Attempt3rd AttemptIs class financial aid eligible for enrolled semester?
Example 1FDEnrolledYes
Example 2CEnrolled_Yes
Example 3DCEnrolledNo
Example 4DFEnrolledNo
Example 5WFEnrolledYes
Example 6DWEnrolledYes
Example 7WEnrolled_Yes
Example 8WDEnrolledYes

Explanation of Examples:

  1. Yes, this is eligible for financial aid because it is the first repeat after receiving a passing grade of “D” or better.
  2. Yes, these credits may be counted, even though it was previously passed, because it is the first time the class is being repeated.
  3. No, this course was previously passed and this is the third attempt. Two attempts is the maximum attempts these credits can count towards financial aid eligibility because the course has been passed.
  4. No, the class credits are no longer considered for financial aid eligibility because it has been previously passed, (even though Boise State academic policy will replace the “D” with the “F”) and this is the second time it is being repeated.
  5. Yes, because this course has never been passed it may still be counted towards financial aid eligible credits.
  6. W’s and Complete Withdrawals for courses are excluded when counting the number of times a course has been repeated.
  7. W’s are excluded from counting as a repeated course. The course has never been passed and is eligible for aid.
  8. W’s and Complete Withdrawals are excluded when counting the number of times a course has been repeated.

There are other factors for determining which credits are, or are not, eligible for financial aid.

We recommend reviewing the Boise State University Repeat Policy, available on the Registrar’s website. Contact us if you have questions.