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Video Transcript – How to Complete Verification

Video Transcript

[Narrator]: Hi everybody, for this video I’m going to be talking about FAFSA verifications. So let’s get right into it. Every year about 30 percent of all financial aid applications are selected for a process called verification. It’s important to know whether or not you were selected because if you were, you want to get this taken care of in order to see what kind of financial aid you qualify for. So in order to figure that out for you, you head over to your myBoiseState account which is at Go ahead and sign in. Now it’s going to take you to your home screen, you’re going to click on “Student View.” Then, on these three middle tabs you’ll see “My Account.” Go ahead and click there. And then on “To Do’s” you’ll see a summary of your to-do items. In order to better complete these items you need to click on “Student Center” on the right-hand side under Services.

Next click on the “Task” tile. This is where your to do’s are listed out for you. Not all to do’s are about verification. You’ll need to click on each individual task to see the details and be sure to carefully read through the instructions As you can see, I personally have five to do’s, but only three are about verification and each one’s different. A lot of the verification tasks are going to give you this link, and this is where you can find many of the verification forms. Just make sure you have the right year. Once you find the right form, you’ll need to print it out and fill it out as accurately as possible. It also needs to be signed by hand. Many forms can’t be accepted unless they are fully filled out, so be sure not to leave any blanks. If you’re not sure if something applies to you, feel free to stop by or call our office.

When you’ve completed the instructions, you’ll have four ways to turn in your form or forms. The fastest way for us to process your forms is by dropping them off in person, to the Financial Aid and Scholarships Office, which is in the Administration Building room 113. You can also send through fax, our number is (208) 426-1305. And if your form doesn’t have any social security numbers, you can email them to You can mail your documents in, but this is the least desirable method due to delays and the risk of lost documents.

Some things for you to keep in mind: make sure you complete verification as soon as possible; also be sure to check your broncomail because that is where we’ll send updates and notifications about your verification. To prevent delays and potential late fees, submit your verification items as soon as possible because review can take a few weeks. Only submit documents requested; turning in other documents will only slow your process down. And every year varies: you may be asked to verify this year, but it doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll be asked next year or vice versa. And as always feel free to call, email or stop by our office if you have any questions! See you in the next video Broncos!