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Student Voices

Students join the Gap Year program for a range of reasons, and each gap year experience is unique.

Wesley Capps

"I really appreciated all of the resources available through the gap year program

to make a flexible and worthwhile experience. Through the program, I’ve been able to have a clearer path on how to achieve the goals I have for my education, and I’m not aware of different resources I can use to get ahead. Currently through the Gap Year Program I’ve been working on setting up the rest of my undergraduate semesters to be optimized to help me get into a post graduate program. I have also been taking time to document new skills I’m learning through my job and reflecting on how those skills can impact my future.”

Katryna Brus

“A big part of this gap year for me has been easing myself into normal life.

I was struggling with debilitating health problems for about a year and half before this and I’m trying to slowly shift back into things like school. So far, I have been taking one creative writing class on Coursera and completing the weekly reflections. Within the last few months I was able to get a part time job where I help a family care for their special needs kids. I have really enjoyed the job so far and it has been another big step in my recovery.”

Nat Parry

"Bronco Gap Year gives me an opportunity

 to connect with people who I otherwise would not have been able to meet and to actually understand their journeys through college. I’m able to better understand why I want to do what I want to do, and figure out how I’m actually going to get there. It gives me a chance to turn my ideas into actual plans.”

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