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Program Highlights

Your Bronco Gap Year will be…

  • Supportive. We provide high-level support. Our priority is to help you build a solid foundation for success in college.
  • Project-based. During your Bronco Gap Year, you will design a personalized project to explore interests and goals.
  • Affordable. With a program fee that is lower than tuition, Bronco Gap Year is affordable. We also offer scholarships and payment plans to make sure the program works with your budget.

We Are Supportive

Bronco Gap Year supports you in defining, planning, and pursuing your goals.

Through Gap Year, you connect to the Bronco community and campus resources, customize your gap experience based on your interests, and earn Boise State credit. The program is designed to be virtual so that you are not limited by location.

To support you on your journey, you will work with a faculty member and a current student. You will also gain access to tools and resources to to help you explore your passions.

We Are Project-Based

During your Bronco Gap Year, you will create an individual project based on your personal interests. Every project is unique.

Here are some examples from past Gap Year students:

Creative Project

original artwork by gap year student

A student with an interest in the arts composed original songs, produced them, and arranged them into an album. He also composed beats for a rapper out of Portland that were released in April 2021.

During his year-long gap year, he also created a portfolio of creative works with a collection of visual art, poetry, and fiction. Now, as a Boise State student, he continues to develop his portfolio.

Reflection Project

Student hiking with an iditarod team

One of our students connected us from Norway where he was having the adventure of a lifetime. He wanted support in documenting and reflecting on his experiences.

His faculty Guide helped him capture his experiences, understand his goals, and plan for the future.

Media Project

Podcast photo was the title "When Anxious Kids Grow Up, Where Do They Go?"

In order to both reflect on her experiences and learn a new technology, one of our students created a podcast series.

In addition to learning how to produce a podcast, she created a deeper understanding of how past experiences have defined her. The podcast series covers everything from love to culture to mental health.

We Are Affordable

Program Fee Options

You can choose to participate in Bronco Gap Year for one semester or two.

Fall 2021

1-semester program

Program fee: $1,000

  • Program dates: August 30th – December 17th
  • Enrollment closed
  • Late enrollment open until October 1

Fall + Spring

2-semester program

Program fee: $2,000

  • Program dates: August 30th – May 13th
  • Enrollment closed
  • Late enrollment open until October 1

Spring 2022

1-semester program

Program fee: $1,000

  • Program dates: January 24th – May 13th
  • Enroll by January 21st
  • Late enrollment open until February 14th

Financial Support Options