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2. Branding and Identity Guidelines

2.1 Student Organization Names

Student organizations are able to identify with Boise State University subject to the following criteria:

  1. The student organization is identified as a student-based organization and cannot be confused with a university department, program, or initiative.
  2. The student organization identity does not interfere with the integrity of Boise State’s trademarks, athletic brand or intellectual property.
  3. Student organizations should include the word “club” or likewise in the naming of the organization. This will identify the organization as a student-based organization, and not a Boise State department, program or initiative. Possible word choices include “Club,” “Association,” “Society,” “Students for…,” “Students,” “Student Organization,” “Chapter,” “Fraternity,” “Sorority,” etc..
  4. If student organizations wish to use the words Boise State and/or University in their name, the club name should come before the university and be clear that the group is a student organization. For example: “American Red Cross Club at Boise State University” or “Young Dems at Boise State” is permissible but “Boise State University American Red Cross Club” or “Boise State Young Dems” is not.
  5. Student organizations may use the word “Broncos” in their organization name, but it may not be formed in a way that could be construed that the university has taken an official position. For example “Bronco Democratic Club” is permissible but “Broncos for Obama” is not. 

2.2 Student Organization Logos and Visual Identities

Student organizations are encouraged to create their own, unique logo and design to brand their organization. To learn more about the design options, trademark and licensing policies, and the review process for student organization logos, visit the Student Organization Identity Guidelines page on the Student Involvement website.

2.3 Social Media Accounts

Social media accounts created by and managed by student organizations are not official university social media accounts.

It is common for social media accounts of student organizations of the university to take on the look and feel of the university, or to comment on the university, or events taking place at the university; this does not transform a student organization’s social media account into an official university social media account.

University recognized student organizations that wish to host a social media account for their organization must follow any applicable laws and policies, including copyright and trademark laws, the relevant platform terms and conditions, the identity guidelines set forth by the university for registered student organizations, the Student Organization Handbook, and the Student Code of Conduct.

Recognized student organizations may use any social media platform of their choosing to brand and/or market themselves. Online and social media representation of the student organization should be consistent with the student organization’s registered name and approved logo. For example, “American Red Cross Club at Boise State University” should not represent itself on social media as “Boise State University’s Red Cross Club.”

2.4 Student Organization Event Branding

All student organization events (both on and off campus) should be clearly branded with the individual student organization’s name and logo.

2.5 Student Organization Domain Names

Domain names should be licensed and trademarked to Boise State University. If your student organization would like to create or buy a website domain name, please contact Student Involvement to learn more.

2.6 Student Organization University Email Addresses

Student organizations can request the creation of a Boise State University email address. A university faculty or staff member is required to serve as an administrator for the email address. If your student organization would like to request a university email address, please contact Student Involvement. 

2.7 Trademarks and Licensing

Student organizations recognized by the university must abide by policies and guidelines of the Office of Trademark Licensing and Enforcement. Please review their website for important details about the appropriate use of trademarks at Boise State University.

Approval for student organizations to use university trademarks in any way, including, but not limited to, using trademarks on printed materials, t-shirts, or websites, must be approved through the Promotions Review form on Engage. Use of any university trademark without preapproval is a violation of university policy. Student organizations that do not obtain prior approval may face a change in status from Active to Temporarily Inactive. In addition, reimbursement requests for purchases with unapproved trademarks will not be approved. If pre-approval is obtained, any T-shirts or items other than printed materials, whether for sale or not, must be ordered from university licensed and approved vendors.

2.8 Copyrighted Materials

Student organizations may not reproduce copyrighted materials for sale or distribution without permission from the copyright holder. For example, using a copyrighted image from a popular film on a club shirt.