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Student Organizations

All student organizations’ group identities, logos and promotional products should be approved by the Student Involvement and Leadership Center. To order promotional products using any Boise State University Trademarks, follow the steps below.

  1. Visit the Student Organization Identity Guidelines for details on how student organizations are able to identify with Boise State University.
  2. Once you have decided on a design, refer to the guide for Buying Promotional Products on the Student Involvement and Leadership Center website for the appropriate procedure to obtain funding approval. More information on fundraising requests.
  3. All student organizations and groups must use a licensed vendor to produce your Boise State themed products or merchandise. Contact the Trademark Licensing and Enforcement office for guidance or questions on licensed vendors at or call (208) 426-1358.
  4. Artwork must be approved by the Trademark Licensing and Enforcement office prior to production. Submit artwork for approval to, or work with your contact in the Student Involvement and Leadership Center to obtain approval from the Trademark Licensing and Enforcement office.

If a licensed vendor is not used, the University may not approve funding for the order.

If the shirts are to be sold a 15% royalty will be added to the price of the merchandise ordered through the vendor. The vendor will undertake all the royalty reporting obligations on behalf of the club.

Please feel free to contact for further assistance.

Student Use of University Logos

Below are specific examples of student use.  Other instances of use is covered uniformly whether for use by students, staff, businesses, sponsors, and the general public.  

Business Cards

Students may not use the Boise State University logo(s) on business cards.  A business card symbolizes “employment” with an institution.  Students that are employed, such as graduate students, may request business cards with the department in which they work.  It is to department discretion to issue University business cards using the University templates.  Orders must be processed through the University Printing and Graphics Department.

Other Identification Cards

For students that require some type of identification card for external meetings that are with an organization or professional association, the design on the card should identify you as a student or part of an organization/association and should not match the official templates for employees, or use the University logo.  It is important that in such meetings you represent yourself as a student and do not inadvertently commit the University to something of which it is unaware or unable to fulfill, i.e. a marketing commitment or a contract.  The use of the University logo could infer that you are acting as an agent of the University which would be incorrect unless you were an actual employee.