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Section 7. Student Organization Travel

Student organizations often like to get away from campus for events and activities. Whether your group is traveling near or far, all travel plans must be pre-approved by Student Involvement through the event registration process in Engage. 

Travel within a one-hundred (100) driving mile radius of campus is considered vicinity travel and can be approved as events with a safety plan in place (example: a hike at Table Rock). Student organization travel outside of the one-hundred (100) driving mile radius is approvable on a case by case basis with the following considerations:

  • Specific attention will be given to an organization’s safety plan and alignment with Federal, State, and local public health guidelines.

7.1 Pre-approval and Timeline

Event Registrations and Travel Requests must be submitted at least four (4) weeks in advance of when payment is needed for domestic travel, and a minimum of eight (8) weeks in advance of when payment is needed for international travel. All purchases (registration, flights, hotel, etc.) must be pre-approved by Student Involvement to be covered and/or reimbursed. Plan ahead. If registration is required six months in advance for a conference, travel paperwork must be submitted and approved before the registration is due. 

  1. The following information will be needed to complete your Travel Request form on Engage:
    1. An estimate of your anticipated travel expenses and secured funding source(s) to cover these costs (i.e. ASBSU grant, student organization funds, cosponsorship, attendee buy-ins, etc.).
      1. Student organization funds may be used to pay for non-student travel as long as it meets other university policy requirements. Student fee dollars, such as ASBSU grant funding, may only be used for currently enrolled students. 
    2. A roster of attendees and their emergency contact (these individuals cannot be those attending the trip). 
    3. A copy of an agenda or itinerary for the travel.

Student organization members who intend to travel also need to complete a Field Trip Consent and Travel Expectations Agreement prior to going on any trips with their group. This form can be completed once per student for the academic year and will cover any travel a student intends to do with their organization. The Field Trip Consent and Travel Expectations Agreement is available through Engage.

Students are representatives of Boise State University whenever they participate in an off-campus activity sanctioned by the university, or where there is a substantive connection between their participation in the activity and the fact they are Boise State University students. As such, students’ behavior at off-campus activities—regardless of scope or distance from campus—is reflective of the university, and students are therefore expected to:

  • Maintain the safety and well-being of students, faculty and staff of Boise State University, as well as other individuals contacted in any capacity during the travel.
  • Respect the security and protection of property belonging to individuals, to Boise State University and to other institutions and establishments.
  • Create an environment and maintain practices that sustain the educational goals of the travel.
  • Pledge obedience to any and all Federal, State, Local and Boise State University policies, laws and regulations. Students are responsible for personal behavior and consequences while traveling. Note: Students may be held liable for personal actions that result in physical injury or property damage and are not covered under Boise State University’s State Risk Insurance Coverage. 
  • Follow the Boise State University Student Code of Conduct. Anyone violating the Student Code of Conduct while traveling is subject to the sanctions enumerated in Articles 10 and 11 of that code.

7.3 Traveling without University Approval

Student organizations traveling without approval may not be covered by the university’s liability insurance. Additionally, expenses incurred during any unapproved travel cannot be reimbursed. Student organizations traveling without approval from Student Involvement may be at risk of having their status changed to Inactive and/or losing recognition.

7.4 Cash Advances

Student organizations are eligible for a cash advance for costs that cannot be prepaid (e.g., meals and ground transportation). A Student Involvement staff member will be in charge of disbursing cash advances to organizations. Each student receiving cash for the trip is required to sign a document indicating she/he received an allotment.

7.5 Purchasing Food during Travel

When purchasing meals for members of your student organization in the state of Idaho, students must stay within the state of Idaho per diem. Outside of Idaho, the per diem for meals varies depending on the location. Student Involvement staff will discuss options with your organization officers based on the unique circumstances of your travel.  

7.6 Transportation

7.6.1 Air Travel

Expenses for travel by commercial air transportation shall be limited to coach fare only. It is strongly advised to meet with a staff member in Student Involvement to purchase your airfare by university credit card. 

  1. Baggage Fees – Most airlines now charge baggage-handling fees at the airport. These may not be pre-payable during the E-ticket process. Student organizations may want to budget each way per traveler for these costs if they intend to cover the expense. (Please check with the airline for baggage fees.) 
    1. If seeking reimbursement for pre-approved baggage fees, an original itemized receipt is required and must be returned to Student Involvement within five (5) business days of returning from the trip.

7.6.2 Travel by Vehicle

If your approved travel involves using a vehicle your organization has several options. 

  1. University-Owned Vehicles – The preferred option is to use university owned vehicles for your travel. These vehicles may be reserved through the travel process with Student Involvement in partnership with the Boise State Motor Pool. These vehicles are available at a discount for student organizations and are reserved on a first come first serve basis. 
    1. Please note that 12 passenger vans require additional training which will be required prior to approved rentals. Student Involvement will coordinate your reservation and confirm any required training with Motor Pool and Environmental Health, Safety & Sustainability. For more information and pricing, visit the Motor Pool Services information page.
  2. Rental Vehicles – When Boise State vehicles are not available, organizations are able to use a rental car company. The State of Idaho has an exclusive contract with several rental car companies (domestic travel only). Organizations must use one of these companies whenever renting a car and departing from Boise. Discounts are available to student organizations when made through the Student Involvement travel process.
    1. When renting a vehicle outside of the Boise area, student organizations can be reimbursed for rental vehicles from the company of their choice. 
    2. Please note that if the rental vehicle is not one of the university’s preferred providers, there is a $2,500 deductible in the event of a covered accident. If seeking reimbursement for pre-approved rental fees, an original itemized receipt is required and must be returned to Student Involvement within five (5) business days of returning from the trip.
  3. Privately-Owned Vehicles – Privately-owned vehicles may be used, but student organizations are strongly advised against this option because the driver may be required to accept all liability. 
    1. If at all possible, it is recommended to use vehicles from the Boise State University motor pool.
    2. A Driver Information Form, located in Engage, is required to be submitted.

7.7 Miscellaneous Expenses While Traveling

The following miscellaneous expenses are allowable if pre-approved and incurred while traveling for official student organization business. Original itemized receipts must be returned to Student Involvement within five (5) business days of returning from the trip.

  • Taxi or bus fares to and from depots, airports and hotels.
  • Baggage handling fees.
  • Hotel and venue parking.
  • Admittance, registration or attendance fees required at conferences, workshops, meetings, etc. Most of these fees can be pre-purchased with a university credit card.
  • Other items not specifically described in the regulations as an allowable expense, but necessary in the performance of official duties. Contact Student Involvement to determine if an expense would be allowable. 

The following travel expenses cannot be paid for by a student organization:

  • Expenses of a personal nature incurred for the convenience of the traveler, including travel by indirect routes, stopovers for personal reasons, travel to and from home to airport, personal extra-curricular travel, and or leaving earlier or later than necessary on a trip.
  • Expenses for lodging in Boise and the local area. If a student organization feels this is necessary, a letter of justification must be submitted to Student Involvement for review.
  • Any expenses that violate state or university purchasing policies such as alcohol, tobacco products, weapons, etc.

7.8 Emergencies While Traveling

In case of an emergency while traveling (e.g., medical emergency or vehicle accident), a member of the student organization should call 911. After calling 911, or for all other needs, contact Campus Security (which operates 24/7) and/or the Student Involvement office (8 a.m. – 5 p.m. Monday – Friday). Detailed instructions and contact information will be provided to the student organization officer responsible for the travel.

7.8.1 Inclement Weather While Traveling

Student organizations traveling during approved trips should not continue driving if weather conditions jeopardize safety. Pull over and stop until weather and/or travel conditions are safe. If it is necessary to wait overnight for weather to improve, stop at the nearest hotel. If possible, inform Campus Security and Student Involvement of the situation. Keep the original itemized receipt for hotel costs and Student Involvement will assist with reimbursement.