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Chobani to support Campus Food Pantry and basic student needs

students at the campus food pantry

Chobani, in collaboration with Swipe Out Hunger, has partnered with Boise State and other higher education institutions to address food insecurity for students.

“Too many college students skip meals to cut corners and save money — not because they’re busy or forget to eat lunch,” said Chobani’s President and Chief Operating Officer Peter McGuinness. “These students should be allowed to focus on their education, creating bright futures without worrying about their next meals. We are proud to do our part to help.”

Chobani’s donation will support the existing Campus Food Pantry located in Campus School. The pantry offers meal and snack options for Boise State students in need of food assistance.

One out of every three Boise State students identifies as food insecure. That is why the Associated Students of Boise State University, in partnership with the Office of the Dean of Students, opened the Campus Food Pantry in 2017. Last academic year, 2,350 individual students visited the pantry.

“We are grateful to have Chobani, in partnership with Swipe Out Hunger, step in with a contribution to help us stock food and personal items in the Campus Food Pantry for our students,” said Lauren Oe, associate dean of students. “We are looking forward to using this donation to enhance our storage infrastructure at the pantry, allowing us to bring in more dairy products including milk, yogurt, and cheese.”

In addition to Boise State, Chobani will fund food security efforts at 22 other schools, kickstarting or bolstering existing programs at those schools. The donation and partnership will help Swipe Out Hunger bring its expertise, including ongoing consulting and coaching, to campuses in Chobani’s home states of New York and Idaho.

Make a gift to the Campus Food Pantry.

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