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David Wali
David Wali for Focus/Boise State Magazine, Bronco Corps, member of COBE advisory council and Foundation Board, managing partner of Gardner Company, Photo by Priscilla Grover

During the pandemic, David Wali, a managing partner at Gardner Company, recognized that nonprofits and small businesses were struggling. So were college students who lost internship opportunities. Wali and Gardner Company wanted to help both groups. They came up with the idea for Bronco Corps, the program that places paid student interns with local businesses. Gardner Company partnered with Laird Norton Properties, a real estate investment firm, to support the program. Wali is a member of the College of Economics and Business advisory council and the university’s foundation board.

“We are fortunate that Boise State allows the business community to actively participate in the education of the student body. This provides for a workforce which can adapt to a rapidly changing world,” Wali said. “The need for well-rounded, critical thinking graduates will only increase in the years ahead and it should be the mission of every Idaho company to assist in that endeavor.”

Believe in Broncos

Through its nearly nine decades of educating students, Boise State has inspired great devotion from those who support the university as donors, volunteers, mentors, and more. #BelieveInBroncos is our way to share their stories.

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