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Help us Put Teachers in the Classroom

Tessa Smith in her classroomWhat is Student Teaching?

When preparing to become teachers, students in the Boise State University College of Education undergo two types of training. First, they learn the basics in our classrooms: valuable psychology, social-science and pedagogy, not to mention skills and knowledge around the topics they wish to teach.

Then, they undergo the student-teacher experience. For a full semester, they must work full time in a P-12 classroom, and may not pursue other employment. It’s one of the most rigorous parts of teacher education, but it’s critical to their future success and that of their pupils.

Meet Tessa Smith

Before graduating from Boise State in 2021 with a degree in elementary education, Tessa Smith was a student-teacher at Pierce Park Elementary in Boise, Idaho, where she taught kindergarten. She paired with a mentor, who she said taught her all of the “hidden details” of being a teacher. 

The Student-Teacher Scholarship Makes It Possible

Smith was able to do this because she received the Student-Teacher Scholarship, which allowed her to finish her degree and spend time in her classroom without having to hold another job to pay for it all. 

“As a recipient of the Student-Teacher Scholarship, it helped me to place my focus on my education and working in the school without having to worry about the financial burden that comes along with being in college and being a university student,” she said. “The biggest impact for me of receiving a scholarship is the fact that I was able to place my entire focus on being the best student-teacher that I can. 

Your Support Matters

There are many students like Tessa Smith, eager to enter the teaching profession, but who may struggle to pay for the student teacher experience. That’s why your support of the Student-Teacher Scholarship is so important. It ensures that would-be educators can make this experience their top priority. Please help us with a gift today.

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