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What’s Next

boise state's abu kijab

The “What’s Next Initiative” is a multi-year plan to enhance Bronco Athletics infrastructure, revenue generation, student-athlete experience and marketability. Bronco Athletics is making huge strides in prioritizing the student-athlete and student-fan experiences.

Recent advancements include hiring our full-time sports nutritionist, a new director to lead our Varsity B student-athlete alumni group, and our first-ever associate athletic director for Business Development and Revenue Innovation (BDRI) which oversees Boise State’s newest business unit responsible for pursuing and managing emerging revenue opportunities, and building revenue streams using tech-forward and ROI-driven strategies. Included within the BDRI Office are initiatives such as Boise State’s cutting edge, in-house “Name, Image, and Likeness” program (NIL), which was recently nominated as one of the best institutional NIL programs in the country.

Bronco Athletics’ dedication to students does not stop with student-athletes. In March 2022, in conjunction with the university, Bronco Athletics committed to improving the student-fan experience at Bronco sporting events. Recently, Bronco men’s basketball took over 50 students to Portland, Oregon, to participate in the excitement of March Madness at no cost to the students themselves.

We ask that you consider helping us reach our important goal of doubling our membership by making a gift or referring family and friends. Please consider making a gift to the student-athletes who make you proud to fly our colors and rep our logo. By supporting the Horsepower Drive for 10,000 BAA members, contributing to upcoming capital projects, and sharing our story, we can define What’s Next.

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