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Keeping our Students Happy, Healthy and Focused on their Studies

boise state graduate with diploma at commencementWhy We Care

Boise State University is proud to make higher education available to everyone. That means caring for our students at every step. A beautiful campus, accessible academic and professional resources, and services geared toward their wellbeing keep Broncos focused on their schoolwork, successful in their pursuits and secure in the knowledge that their university cares about them.

In Times of Crisis

Sometimes situations arise where a little help can be the difference between someone staying in school or choosing another course. That’s why the Office of the Dean of Students established the Student Emergency Fund. Small grants are available to students who are at risk of withdrawing during a semester because of an unanticipated, temporary financial hardship like an accident, illness or the death of a family member.

“I really appreciated how helpful and understanding the people I talked to were,” said one recipient. “I also really appreciated how fast the process was, and the additional information and advice they offered to help me manage my emergency situation. The Dean’s Office absolutely helped me make it through the semester, and I really don’t think I could’ve finished it if it wasn’t for them.”

There When Broncos Need It

Being healthy is paramount when it comes to student success. The Student Healthcare Fund, created by Boise State Health Services, helps students facing unmet expenses from physical or mental healthcare.

Two Funds, One Goal

The university experience is full of challenges, but making it accessible to all means ensuring that students facing sudden life events, emergencies and illness have the support they need to stay in the classroom. Through the Student Emergency Fund and Student Healthcare Fund, Boise State is helping its students stay engaged in their academic, personal and professional goals, but it needs help from the Bronco community. Giving to these funds is a great way to strengthen our university and show our students you care. Please consider a gift today.

Become a donor to support student wellness programs at Boise State.

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