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American Nuclear Society honoree Timothy Phero

The American Nuclear Society annually recognizes promising young researchers and concepts, and this year, five of them represent Boise State. Micron School of Materials Science and Engineering students Sarah Cole, Kyle Holloway, Addie Lupercio, Kaelee Novich and Timothy Phero are recipients of prestigious American Nuclear Society awards that will empower their research and education to new levels.

Meet Timothy Phero

Timothy Phero
Timothy Phero

Fourth-year doctoral student Timothy Phero was awarded the Graduate Scholarship of $3,000. With this award, Boise resident Phero can advance his research in printing electronic devices that can help improve nuclear energy technologies.

“I am most excited about my work because we are at the forefront of this work and one of the growing leaders in the direct-write, additive manufacturing space here at Boise State University,” Phero said. “In addition, we are using this new technology to advance our understanding of nuclear energy, a clean, carbon-free energy source.”

“Not long ago, not many of us knew what 3D printing was or how it worked. Now, almost every library and elementary school has the capability to print almost anything imaginable with plastic with a few clicks of a button. 3D printing has expanded to not only printing with metals to allow us to print large structures or small nuclear fuels, but now even electronic devices down to the micro-level scale.”

Phero was awarded Boise State University’s Top Ten Scholar in 2018 and awarded the Idaho National Laboratory Graduate Fellowship

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