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American Nuclear Society honoree Kyle Holloway

The American Nuclear Society annually recognizes promising young researchers and concepts, and this year, five of them represent Boise State. Micron School of Materials Science and Engineering students Sarah Cole, Kyle Holloway, Addie Lupercio, Kaelee Novich and Timothy Phero are recipients of prestigious American Nuclear Society awards that will empower their research and education to new levels.

Meet Kyle Holloway

Kyle Holloway
Kyle Holloway

Materials science and engineering junior Kyle Holloway is the recipient of the John and Muriel Landis Scholarship of $5,000. Holloway was born in Olympia, WA but calls Twin Falls home. This scholarship will enable Holloway to continue living in Boise while pursuing his education.

Holloway researches the materials characterization of additively manufactured (3D printed) materials for nuclear reactor applications.

“I am doing materials characterization for the Transformative Challenge Reactor program,” Holloway explained. The goal of the program is to leverage advances in manufacturing, materials and computation to enable adoption of technologies to facilitate delivery of reliable, low-cost clean nuclear energy for the United States. “It is a conceptual design that involves additively manufacturing most of the parts. If successful, this reactor would impact both the nuclear energy sector and additively manufactured goods. Additionally, manufactured parts can reduce both the time and the cost of building a reactor site.”

Holloway also received financial support through the Idaho Opportunity Scholarship, the McNair Scholarship, and the Norm and Gladys Dahm Scholarship for Engineering.

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