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Celebrating Frank Church

When you include language in your will or living trust, or as a beneficiary designation on your retirement account or life insurance policy, or a charitable gift annuity, you can provide a “deferred” gift larger than what you may have thought possible. If you have included the Frank Church Institute in your estate plans, please let us know by completing the form below. We want to thank you for your “intentions.” If you are in the midst of estate planning, please give your professional advisors the specific language below so you can be assured that your future contributions are used the way you intended.

“I hereby give to Boise State University Foundation, Inc., an Idaho corporation, operated exclusively for the benefit of Boise State University, for the Frank Church Institute the following: [e.g., real property, sum of $, % or fraction of my estate, or through a charitable gift annuity.]”

Notification of Planned Gift for the Frank Church Institute

I support the vision of the Frank Church Institute, which offers opportunities for aspiring scholars to excel academically and to endorse programs that uphold the values and principles passionately championed by Frank Church. As evidence of my desire to provide a legacy of support, I hereby inform the Boise State University Foundation that I have made a provision in my estate plan for the Frank Church Institute. Documenting this legacy gift will be part of UNBRIDLED: The Campaign for Boise State University , and as such will serve as an inspiration to others!

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