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Where Did the Generosity Come From?

27,050 Total Donors

Alumni play pivotal role in this success story

The university received substantial new financial commitments, reaching a record total of $58.5 million in fiscal 2023. What makes this achievement notable is the significant contribution made by alumni, who played a pivotal role in this success story.

Alumni collectively accounted for 31% of these commitments, indicating a strong bond and dedication toward the university. This support from former students signifies their gratitude for their education and experiences at the institution and their belief in the university’s mission and vision for the future.

The fact that alumni played a significant role in this achievement highlights the lasting impact of education and the sense of belonging those students carry with them even after graduation. It also emphasizes the importance of nurturing and maintaining strong relationships with alumni, as their support bolsters the university’s financial health and strengthens its reputation and influence in the academic and professional world.

Contributions by Source

contributions by source
FY2023 Total Support $58.5M. 22.8% Friends, 10.5% Parents, 31% Alumni, 10.8% Foundations, 2.3% Organizations, 22.6% Corporations.

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