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Scholarships are Gateway to Success for Communication Student

John DeRoos

It’s thanks to the generosity of alumni and friends of the university that Boise State has been able to grow its scholarship support, and provide access to education for so many through the Extraordinary Times, Extraordinary Opportunities scholarship campaign. Your investment in scholarship endowments provides critical funds needed for students to earn a college degree.

John DeRoos, a senior communication major and Honors College student is one of our scholarship recipients. John came to Boise State as a nontraditional student, having already entered the workforce and started a family. While he excelled in high school academics, circumstances required him to earn his GED certificate while caring for his ailing mother. When the opportunity came for him to later attend Boise State, his drive to succeed was clear, but the resources provided through scholarship support gave him the opportunity and determination to achieve academic success.

“Scholarships have allowed me to dream big,” he said. “The monetary aspect is crucial to this process, but there is a larger impact that being a scholarship recipient has had on my life. It is only when others believe in you that success really begins to manifest itself. That is the whole point of scholarships. I knew that when someone offered me a scholarship, that they believed in me, in my potential and ability, and cared enough to reach out a helping hand to someone who not only needed it but would honor them by making the best of it.”

Through the guidance of his professors, John was able to apply his learned skills to an internship and begin employment before he graduates this spring Summa Cum Laude.

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