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Scholarships Provide Opportunity to Explore Academic Passions

Daniele MoroDuring his three years at Boise State, Daniele Moro has undoubtedly had a successful academic career. In addition to taking classes to earn a computer science degree, he’s conducted research alongside professors, published papers, held summer internships, and even founded the Artificial Intelligence Club at Boise State. He credits these achievements, in part, to the donors who support his efforts through scholarships.

“All that I have accomplished is thanks to you,” he says to those who fund scholarships. “The scholarships that I have received have served as a light that allows me to focus on my passion for leveraging artificial intelligence to build intelligent machines that can augment our relationship with computers.”

— Daniele Moro

During the summer of his freshman year, Daniele worked alongside other computer scientists at Carnegie Mellon University on a robotics and artificial intelligence (AI) project. The project included programming a “soft robotic” teddy bear. His challenge was to program the brain of the robot to manipulate objects dexterously. After he returned to Boise, he was invited to continue to work on the project remotely which he did for two years.

In 2018 during the summer break, Daniele landed the Kleiner Perkins Fellowship to work with a start-up firm in the Silicon Valley where he used AI techniques to detect and remove malicious emails from a user’s inbox. His upcoming internship this summer is with Google on the YouTube team where he’ll continue to learn about the intricacies of AI and the scientific study of algorithms and statistical models for computer systems.

With a stellar academic resume Daniele had the needed credentials to earn him one of 211 Goldwater Scholarships awarded in 2018. This prestigious undergraduate research scholarship placed him alongside top undergraduate researchers from Ivy League schools across the nation — a tribute to what Boise State students can accomplish.

Daniele’s future looks promising, with plans to pursue a graduate degree.

“Next fall, I plan to apply to top Ph.D. programs at schools such as Carnegie Mellon, Stanford, and the University of Edinburgh,” he said. “With the help of the Honors College fellowships advisor, I will also be applying for several competitive national fellowships that would fund my graduate degree.

Daniele is the recipient of the William H. and Gladys E. Langroise Honors Scholarship, Alumni Legacy Scholarship, Mastery Advancement Scholarship, National Italian American Foundation Scholarship and the Presidential Scholarship.

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