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Meet Our Donors

By extending their support by gift planning through long-term estate or financial plans, these donors have left a legacy to Boise State while maintaining control of their assets during their lifetime, take advantage of a number of tax benefits, and possibly even provide income for themselves or others during their lifetime.

Maximizing Their Contribution

Originally from Banks, Oregon, Gabe Linehan (BBA, ‘13), joined Boise State and the Bronco football team as a redshirt freshman in 2009. The next year he started his first career game against Hawaii and caught six passes for 82 yards and a touchdown.

Now, Linehan carries the hammer as a Financial Representative at Northwestern Mutual Financial Network in Boise. In his position, Linehan is leading the charge and encouraging colleagues, clients and the public to maximize their donations to Boise State University through a gift of life insurance.

Linehan and seven other Boise State alumni and Northwestern Mutual employees each established life insurance policies naming the Boise State University Foundation as owner and beneficiary with a collective face value just over $1 million.

Beedes Support Student-Athlete Scholars

Dr. Bob and Suzy Beede, both Colorado State University alumni, now devoted Boise State fans have been working with Boise State University to set up an estate plan dedicated to student-athletes.

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Teaching Inspires Scholarship Support

With a tenure of 32-years teaching in the Music Department at Boise State University, it’s no surprise that Del Parkinson wants to give back to his community. Parkinson believes that an investment in people is one of the most significant contributions one can make, and says he’s grateful to have the opportunity to help support students of the next generation studying at Boise State.

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Alumni Couple Give Back to University That Changed Their Lives

A lifetime filled with education, adventure, and service to others, this Boise State University alumni couple have shared their knowledge with children globally. From working in a remote village in Alaska to being evacuated from their home in Yemen, Glenn and Suzanne Mosher’s careers, and life experiences as teachers began at Boise State.

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