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Chaffee Guild

The Chaffee Guild recognizes donors for their sustained financial leadership with cumulative contributions totaling $100,000 or more. The Chaffee Guild is named in honor of President Eugene B. Chaffee and his wife, Mrs. Lois Chaffee, the university’s first philanthropists. Dr. Chaffee was the guiding force behind the expansion of Boise Junior College and its evolution into Boise State University.

Levels and Courtesies

Meet our 2021 Inductees

  • Mary C. Adcox

  • Kipp Bedard and Signe Hart-Bedard

  • Bill and Kit Bienapfl

  • Tim and Kristine Brown

  • Rod Burks

  • Joan K. Caldwell

  • Tom and Bernice Carlile

  • Patrick Cavanaugh

  • Dave and Patricia Cooper

  • Fred and Jill Cornforth

  • Pamela and Jim Cross

  • Norris and Jana Dancer

  • Darin and Ann DeAngeli

  • Susan and Jim Durst

  • David and Shelley Eichmann

  • John and Jennifer Foudy

  • David and Anna Gardner

  • Blake and Kimberly Hansen

  • George Kase

  • Pat Large

  • Dianne and Greg Luce

  • Dirk and Leslie Marcum

  • Ann and Dale Nelson

  • Tony Olbrich and Nancy Napier

  • James and Grace Oldham

  • Steven A. Peel

  • Georgiann and Rich Raimondi

  • Joe and Janet Russell

  • Lynn and Keith Sander

  • Jim and Janet Schaufelberger

  • Eric and Elizabeth Schneider

  • Rick and Debra Seymour

  • Penny P. Simons

  • Joy L. Snider

  • Joy and Don Stillwaugh

  • Christy Suciu and Rick Hoyle

  • Jim and Jan Tweeten

  • Jim Voulelis and Jole Allred-Voulelis

  • Robb and Lori Warwick

  • Jim Wood