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Video Transcript – President’s True Blue Endowed Scholarship

Video Transcript

(Title: True Blue Scholarship)

[Alexandria Hysell, engineering plus]: I grew up here and my mom grew up here and here’s where I was born so that inspired me to come here just because I knew I would have a place to stay. There was also the fact that I could come here early and get in-state tuition with living with my mom for two years before school. I also have always liked the campus like walking along the Greenbelt the position like being downtown has always been something I really enjoy. It’s a very good campus. There’s so much space to like sit and do work.

[Daidree Jarvis, pre-nursing]: I really liked the nursing program here one of the better ones in this state, so that’s like my main reason for coming here and it’s close enough to my house, like home, that I can go home on weekends but it’s far enough that I’m starting my own life. I’ve just always wanted to be a nurse ever since I was little. People would be like “What you want to be?” and I’d be like “A nurse” and they’d be like “Why?” and I’d be like “I don’t know, I just love helping people, always have.”

[Alexandria Hysell]: I’m hoping to help do work in replacing biofuel and maybe replacing plastic as well, big environmental stuff, because those are things that I can do with my personal knowledge. It’s something that I’m passionate about as well.

[Daidree Jarvis]: The True Blue Scholarship helps me by lifting a financial burden off of me and my family because paying for college can be a lot and stressful but with the scholarship it eases some of the stress and the burdens off of me and my family.

[Alexandria Hysell]: Donor support has made it easier for me to focus on school. It’s also provided opportunities for me to feel comfortable going with a graduate program when I’m done with my undergraduate because that scholarship has helped remove the debt that would come with being a graduate student.

[Garrett Cremshaw, biology]: Donor support provides opportunities for me because without it I’d have to find options like loans and go into debt but with the donor support I can hopefully graduate debt-free and get a good career like a wildlife biologist later.

[Daidree Jarvis]: I’d say thank you because college as it is is already stressful and with the extra money coming in it’s not as stressful, so I’d say thank you for donating money the truth of scholarship because it really does help students.

[Alexandria Hysell]: I would definitely think that might be like thanks so much, like all that money you’ve donated, you’re helping so many people push forward in their lives and get to a much better position than they would be if they didn’t have that money.

[Garret Cremshaw]: I am true blue.

[Daidree Jarvis]: I am true.

[Alexandria Hysell]: I am true blue.