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College of Education

Idaho’s Next Generation of Educators

Sonia Galaviz teacing at Garfield ElementaryAt the Boise State University College of Education, we know that bringing up the next generation of Idaho teachers and education professionals is about meeting a need and exceeding expectations. PK-12 education is central to the future prosperity of Idahoans, and we take pride in knowing our work advances our students’ professional goals and the still-larger cause of making schools places of learning, fulfillment and promise.

Graduates from the College of Education are some of the field’s top educators in the state and beyond. 

Dr. Soñia Galaviz, ’20, was recently honored with the Boise State Alumni Association’s DistinguishedAlumni Award. Galaviz holds multiple degrees from Boise State, including a dual BA in Elementary Education/Bilingual/TESOL education, 2002, an MA in Curriculum and Instruction, 2005 and a Doctorate in Curriculum and Instruction, 2020.

During her awards acceptance speech, she highlighted her continued relationship with Boise State, and how clinical experiences through scholarship prepared her, and other educators for success.

“I am one of thousands of incredible educators across the state,” Galaviz said. “I wish public educators as a whole could be recognized for going the extra mile…for how we pour our hearts into this job, this calling. I think the teacher preparation program at Boise State not only revolutionized the way I saw the world around me, but also the way I interact in that space regarding public education.”

Student Teacher scholarships play an important role in teacher education at Boise State. For a full semester, future teachers must work full time in a P-12 classroom, and are unable to pursue other employment. Financial assistance during this semester reduces their financial and personal burden. 

For the 2021-22 academic year, 20 Student-Teacher Scholarships were awarded. Scholarships funds are $5,500 per/student, and contributions go toward increasing the size of scholarships and offering them to more students for greater impact to Idaho’s next generation of incredible educators.

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