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Video Transcript – Why Choose Boise State Teacher Education?

Video Transcript

[Simon Pintar, IDoTEACH, Physics]: I love Boise State. I have lived here for five years and so it really is just a no-brainer for me. I really like the campus, all the teachers are really nice, and, you know, this is home for me. I think the best part about teacher education is that, you know, everyone’s sort of a big family. It’s not like other majors where you’re almost competing with other students to try and be better than them. It’s more like, you know, we help each other, you know, we give feedback and, you know, we work together to try and be the best teachers that we can be.

[James Raube, Secondary Education, History: Social Studies]: The professors are the best. I believe that the professor’s want the most out of you and that they will do everything and their will to get you to where you want to be.

[Elyssa Williams, Elementary Education, math endorsement]: I want to study a Boise State because of the environment you’re in. It’s a small school but that’s the best part. It’s a big little school, and the College of Education is like family. You know everybody and everybody knows you and they want to see you succeed and I want to succeed and it’s amazing to see my professors know what I’m doing inside the classroom, outside of the classroom, and care and they do. And that’s why I came to Boise State.

[Stewart Kunzelman, IDoTEACH, math]: The faculty here genuinely cares about you and wants to see you improve. You’re working with people all towards a common goal. This is one of the best places that you could go for education.

[Rich Osguthorpe, Dean, College of Education]: We need teachers of high character in classrooms because you do more than just teach content you help raise and lift and build the next generation.