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Rodrigo Sartori Bogo, Research Scholar

Photo of Rodrigo Sartori Bogo

“I really like the landscapes and places for biking in Boise, especially along the river!”

Rodrigo Sartori Bogo is a geographer from Brazil. In Brazil, he lives in the city of Presidente Prudente, but he is originally from the state of Santa Catarina. Rodrigo left his parents’ house when he was 17. He has stayed as a visitor twice at the University of Coimbra in Portugal – once during his undergraduate degree and once during his master’s degree. At Boise State, Rodrigo is a Visiting Scholar working with Dr. Brian Wampler. His research is about participatory budgeting in mid-sized cities and the comparisons between Brazil and the United States.

Rodrigo completed his undergraduate degree and his master’s degree, both in Geography, at the Federal University of Santa Catarina in Brazil. He is currently working on his PhD in Geography at São Paulo State University in Brazil.

Outside of work Rodrigo loves watching movies, playing and watching sports, and traveling.

For Rodrigo, international education means new experiences and opening new windows of research and knowledge. It also means understanding about the world. When you meet a new culture, new people, and new ways of understanding reality, you have to adapt and be more flexible. You can learn from others, as well as teach others about your own experiences. International education is also good for science, and good for institutions and universities. His tips for visiting a new country are to first look up information about the local culture, the city itself, the weather, etc. Be very cautions about the documents you need and the bureaucracy. And always ask questions when you have them.