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Jessica Moncrieff


Meridian, Idaho


International Business and Spanish


When I was eight years old, I read a National Geographic article about a Peace Corps volunteer working with school children in southeast Asia. From that moment on, I remained curious about Peace Corps and the thought of leaving the comforts of my home, Meridian, Idaho, to work abroad helping those in a developing country. During my college years, I studied International Business and Spanish with hopes to work in the developmental sector upon graduation. When I first applied for Peace Corps, I applied to work in business development in Peru but I unfortunately did not get accepted. I did not let that deter me from pursuing my dreams so I reapplied and was fortunate enough to be accepted into the Education Program in Mozambique, Africa. From the first time I arrived I fell in love with the culture and people of Mozambique. Each day, if I wasn’t cooking with my Mãe (host mom) and practicing my Portuguese, I wasa playing with children or teaching math at the local secondary school. I didn’t think at first that I would come to love teaching as much as I do now, but Peace Corps has a knack for placing you where you are meant to be. I lived in Sihane, Inhambane, Mozambique near Praia Zavora. I feel fortunate to have had a community that was so willing to accept me and my weird American-ness with open arms. Mozambique, hoi-aye!