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International Faculty and Visiting Scholars

The Center for Global Education supports and advises departments and scholars on immigration matters. This includes employment visa paperwork for international faculty and J-1 exchange visitor paperwork for international visiting scholars.

International Scholars

We welcome scholars from all over the world to enhance their learning and research through short-term, collaborative activities with Boise State University.

Global Scholars Academy

Eligible international scholars can attend the Global Scholars Academy, which promotes collaboration and research while enabling scholars to develop professional and academic skills.

International Faculty & Staff

Employment visa options for foreign nationals who are hired into full-time positions at Boise State University, such as tenure-track faculty appointments and research positions.

Meet International Faculty, Staff and Scholars at Boise State

Daud Isa, Lecturer
Anjolene Hunt, Research Scientist
Maheshwar Boodraj, Assistant Professor
Jingxian Hu, Assistant Professor
Jing Xie, Visiting Scholar
Devshikha Bose, Instructional Design Consultant