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Infographic information from National Humanities Alliance

What follows is the text from the infographic featured on the front page from the National Humanities Alliance. The Infographic is organized into four quadrants.

Quadrant one reads, “Humanities majors find employment in a wide range of fields, from business and financial relations to healthcare and law. 80% of employers want the skills that humanities majors cultivate: critical thinking, analytical reasoning, good written and oral communication.”

Quadrant two reads, “Employers Seek Hires With Foreign Language Skills. 85% percent increase in FBI language experts in response to 9/11. 40% percent of business executives that report a failure to reach their international potential due to language barriers. Business executives see foreign language skills and appreciation of cross-cultural difference as important for positions at all levels.”

Quadrant three reads, “The Humanities Prepare Students to be Good Managers. 60% of humanities majors have jobs that involve managing or supervising.”

Quadrant four reads, “Recent Humanities Graduates are Employed at Similar Rates to Other Majors” (graph shows minimal difference in employment levels across the arts, humanities, behavioral & social sciences, physical sciences, business, engineering, and education). “4.3% Unemployment rate for young humanities majors”