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Broncos on the Blue, Photo by Wankun Sirichotiyakul

Whether you are one that is seeking a professional career in medicine, dentistry, therapies, or public health, individuals need to consider their experiences outside the classroom environment. During the undergraduate career, students should give themselves as many opportunities to strengthen their current skills and grow new ones. For this semester, I hope this helps you to start strong:

Consider Volunteering and Becoming Community Service Oriented

Becoming an active member of a student organization

The above are just a few options but you are more than welcome to become a member of any of the 231 Organizations, Fraternities, and Sororities found at Boise State University.

Volunteer for Numerous Organizations in our Boise  Community and Beyond

Boise State University Specific Opportunities

Service Saturdays

Alternative Breaks

Take a Look at the Community Volunteer Opportunity Calendar

Boise Resources

Boise Parks and Recreation

Treasure Valley YMCA

The above list is by all means not comprehensive but more of a place to start looking.  Volunteering activities should be broad and not necessarily in the health fields only.

Gaining Leadership Skills

What Leadership Roles Could You Have?

Leadership roles or experiences can vary.  The links above are meant as locations you might consider looking to get started.

Are You Inquisitive - How About Research?

research fellows

Not every career path will require research, but consider what research could do for you in helping you learn and be a better practitioner or community member.

What about patient interaction and observing?

Many of the programs and pathways that you are considering in the health care community require patient interaction and experience.  Students are often unsure where to start and find those experiences.  The other area that they are expected to complete is observing in the field. The ideas below are to get you thinking about gaining patient interaction and networking with those you interact with and know are practitioners. There is also a section on how to create your network for observation opportunities:

Volunteering in a health setting…just a few examples

Starting Observation Strategies:

  • Meet with your academic or career pathway advisor
  • Meet with a Career Center representative
kelsey nelson

Meet Kelsey Nelson – Kelsey provides career coaching to students in the College of Health Sciences, and works with faculty and staff to integrate career education into the academic experience.

Contact: or (208) 426-5414

  • Ask yourself which practitioners do you see as a patient
  • Volunteer in a health care setting where you might be able to begin networking with practitioners