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Boise State Learning Assistant Program

Maximize Success with Peers

Learning Assistants (LAs) are peers who provide academic support for students in traditionally difficult courses and help students experience a higher rate of success and overall better grades.

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A Learning Assistant and a student work together at a table.

Learning Assistants:

  • Attend class with you
  • Facilitate student-led study and discussion groups outside of the classroom
  • Offer guided study sessions
  • Connect students with faculty members
  • Are familiar with course content and material

A typical LA session includes:

  • Group discussion and problem solving
  • Concept review and test prep
  • Academic skill-building
  • An hour and fifteen minutes in length

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Positive Outcomes Associated with Attending Learning Assistant Sessions

Over the five year period, 2012-2017, students who participated in 3 or more LA sessions for an individual course during a given semester achieved greater academic success as compared to their peers who attended 2 or fewer sessions. Specifically, those who attended at least 3 sessions:

  • Earned grades on average 0.5 grade points higher (average course grade of 2.77 for attendees vs. 2.26 for non-attendees)
  • Passed the related course at a 14% higher rate (average pass rate of 89.9% for attendees vs. 75.8% for non-attendees)
Positive outcomes of LA session attendance in terms of increased course GPA and pass rate
Non-Participant: n = 23465 Participant: n = 5647 χ2 = 530.574, df = 1, p<0.0001; t = 31.526, df = 10108.272, p<0.0001 *Participants attended 3 or more sessions **Equal variances not assumed in GPA diff t-test

A group of Learning Assistants are pictured in front of an orange wall, smiling and gesturing funnily.