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Pre-Health FAQs

When I am attending Boise State University, will I receive a degree in my chosen pathway?

No. Students will not receive a bachelor’s degree in a Pre-Health pathway (i.e., Bachelor of Science in Pre-Physical Therapy). Most professional programs and schools offer latitude with a student’s degree choice as long as the prerequisites are met. 

What is the “best" degree?

Professional schools are open to a diverse field of bachelor degree options. Students should select the best degree for them.

Factors to consider when selecting a degree:

  • What is the student’s expected timeline for his/her field of study? 
  • How does major-specific coursework contribute to professional graduate program requirements and desired experiences?
  • What is the student passionate about?
  • Students tend to perform better academically related to coursework they enjoy & find interesting.
  • What parallel plans are considered if interest changes over time?
  • How can a student’s degree choice work for her/him in multiple ways?

Major selection is a process. The COHS Advising office often assists students with major exploration that focus on passion, academic strength and focused goals of each student.

What should my GPA be to get accepted into my selected program of interest?

Admission committees will take several criteria into consideration, including a student’s grade point average. Students are encouraged to strive for a healthy GPA that demonstrates an upward trajectory of academic performance.

Students should focus on developing a strong foundation of content-based knowledge. In addition, professional schools will often consider admission exams, experiences outside the class, and the individual’s ability to articulate how their goals of admission tie to their experiences, knowledge, skills, and abilities. 

What experiences should I gain to reach my career goals?

There is various criteria that professional schools utilize to evaluate applicants. While a student’s grade point average and test scores are important, gaining experiences often set applicants apart. The following are examples of potential experiences to consider:

  • Volunteer
  • Community Service
  • Leadership Experience
  • Patient/Client Exposure
  • Observation Hours
  • Research

Check out our website for more information about Beyond the Classroom.

Why Boise State?

As students review potential programs, the COHS Advising office encourages students to consider what Boise State could offer them. Boise State offers a dedicated staff within the College of Health Sciences who are specifically trained to advise pre-health professional pathway students.

The Pre-Health Advising team offer numerous services such as academic advising with course work progression, career advising, information on opportunities to gain beyond the classroom experiences, assistance in application preparation, workshops and information sessions, and a connection to many professional health schools/programs.