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PubMed Commons: New tool to Facilitate Scientific Collaboration

With the thousands of journals, hundreds of ongoing projects, conferences all over the country, as well as new technologies emerging, it can be difficult for today’s scientists to stay current on it all. The NIH’s National Center for Biotechnology Information recognized the need for a resource that gives scientists the ability to interact, as well as have a searchable database of biomedical literature. So, they developed PubMed Commons, an opportunity for researchers and scientists worldwide to discuss publications, view more than 3 million articles, and give or receive feedback on papers from fellow scientists 24/7. This online network has gained increasing popularity since launching only a few months ago, with already 5,000 scientists who have joined. This service will be a great resource and tool to share ideas, increase knowledge, allow collaboration, and provide the means necessary for researchers and scientists to become active members in a growing science community.

Summarized from “PubMed Commons: Catalyzing Scientist-To-Scientist Interactions” by Dr. Francis Collins found on National Institutes of Health Director’s Blog.

To check out PubMed Commons,