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NSF Opportunities ($60M) for Smart Cities Initiative

NSF Opportunities ($60M) for Smart Cities Initiative

by Pat Pyke

“From autonomous vehicles to flash flood alert systems, technology transforms how people lead their daily lives and how local cities and communities function.” – NSF

On September 26, National Science Foundation — the lead federal agency in the National Smart Cities Initiative effort — announced more than $60 million in Smart Cities-related grants for Fiscal Year (FY) 2016, with additional investments planned for FY 2017. This initiative aims to support researchers working to design, adapt and manage the smart and connected communities of the future.

These are cross-cutting programs that involve researchers across academic disciplines (physical, natural, social, behavioral and economic sciences, education, engineering and computer science) together with community stakeholders and civic leaders. At Boise State University, Public Policy Research Center Director Eric Lindquist is exploring putting together a team for the Smart and Connected Communities program (see below). Interested faculty should contact

Below are links to more information and opportunities, including the current cross-cutting solicitation for Smart and Connected Communities.

  1. Smart and Connected Communities (Program Solicitation NSF 16-610)
    Preliminary proposal due Nov 30, 2016; Full proposal due Feb 16, 2017
  2. NSF Dear Colleague Letter: Opportunities for Research in Smart & Connected Cities
  3. NSF Press Release (September 26, 2016) on Smart Cities Initiative