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Sponsored Programs

While the Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP) supports various parties across all academic and non-academic units, its primary mission is to support Principal Investigators (PIs) and their college and departmental administrators (collectively referred to as Business Managers (BMs)).  For this reason, PIs and BMs have specific web pages dedicated to their unique and complementary roles (see the menu at the top of each web page).

Sponsored Project Life Cycle

The sponsored project life cycle involves four primary steps — namely:

  1. Proposal Preparation;
  2. Award Acceptance;
  3. Award Management; and
  4. Award Closeout.

Click the tiles on this page for detailed information about why each step is important for a successful sponsored project and how each step is managed at the University.

Proposal Preparation

Preparing and submitting your proposal.

Award Acceptance

Drafting, negotiating and accepting awards.

Award Management

Compliantly and efficiently managing your award.

Award Closeout

Closing out your award.
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