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COHS Research Mentorship Program

The College offers two options for early career faculty members who are seeking research mentorship opportunities. For mentorship specifically related to professional development of instruction, please see opportunities offered through the Center for Teaching and Learning.

Internal Mentorship Program

Early career faculty members often benefit from mentorship from experienced faculty members at the same institution. In such cases, the early career faculty member benefits from guidance that is tailored to the institutional context and, therefore, informed by understanding of institutional policies, procedures, practices and expectations.

Early career faculty members who are seeking mentorship are encouraged to either identify a mentor or can ask for assistance from the Associate Dean for Research. It is recommended that early career faculty identify a mentor from outside their home unit.

Adapting an NSF model for mentorship, the COHS Office of the Associate Dean for Research will assist mentors and mentees with developing mentorship plans; will fund up to 6 lunch outings (during FY22) for mentees and mentors; will provide letters of recognition that early faculty members can include in their portfolios and applications for promotion.

External Mentorship Program

Early career faculty members benefit from mentorship from established investigators in their focused area of work. Networking and seeking guidance from other established investigators can open up unique opportunities for early career faculty. This program will provide funding to significantly defray the cost of travel to visit a mentor (or for the mentor to visit Boise State). Please note, mentees in the External program are required to find their own mentor.

If you are interested in participating in either of these programs as a mentee or interested in serving as a mentor, please complete the COHS Research Mentorship Programs form. The Associate Dean for Research will contact you to obtain more information and assist you in the process.

    Please note, for the External Mentorship Program, mentees must identify the mentor
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