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Eric Martin

Photo of Eric MartinEric Martin, Ph.D., CMPC

Sport Psychology

Department: Kinesiology Department



Keywords: Resilience, Athlete Activism, Passion, Youth Sports

Research Profile:

Dr. Martin has three primary lines of research:

  1. Resilience development in both the student-athlete and collegiate student populations. Mental health is becoming an increasing concern for college students and one promising approach to addressing student health challenges is through resilience programming. If students learn and utilize protective personal qualities and external resources, they might be more apt to withstand the challenges of the college environment and even excel.
  2. Sport as a context for social change. Given the increased vocalization of racial disparities by athletes concerning police brutality and inequality for people of color, racism in American society has again moved to the forefront of general discussion and further research is needed to better understand and counter these negative aspects.
  3. Stakeholders’ experience in the youth sport context with specific attention paid to youth athletes with specific focus on sport motivation and passion. Sport motivation largely influences youth sport experience and better understanding these constructs can help better shape the sport environment.

Current Funding:

NCAA – Resilience for the rocky road: Supporting first year student-athletes in their transition to college

Department of Communication and Division of Research and Economic Development – Empowering student success through collaborative resilience programming.

Honors and Achievements:

APA Division 47 Early Career Professional Travel Award

Thesis Advisor: Winner of Boise State University Distinguished Master’s Thesis Award

Outstanding Reviewer – Psychology of Sport and Exercise

AASP Distinguished Doctoral Student Practice Award