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Research Faculty Spotlight

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Research Topic or Area of Expertise

Research Topic or Area of ExpertiseResearcher
Health PolicyEd Baker
Health PromotionJanet Reis
Caile Spear
Tedd McDonald
Exposure ScienceCynthia Curl
Public HealthUwe Reischl
Caile Spear
Injury Prevention and TreatmentDave Hammons
Kimberly Rauscher
Exercise PhysiologyShawn Simonson
Stephanie Hall
Physical Activity Scott Conger
Yong Gao
Tim Kempf
Gender and SportsShelley Lucas
Physical EducationJane Shimon
Ken Bell
Tyler Johnson
Laura Petranek
Orthopedics and BiomechanicsTyler Brown
Radiologic SciencesLeslie Kendrick
Geriatric HealthTerry-Ann Spitzer Gibson
Sarah Toevs
Kim Martz
Lucy Zhao
Bonnie Kenaley
Jill Chonody
NursingKim Martz
Lucy Zhao
Max Veltman
Cara Gallegos
Jane Grassley
Jayne Josephsen
Teresa Serratt
Janet Willhaus
Karen Breitkreuz
Kelley Connor
Health BehaviorNicole O'Reilly
Vulnerable PopulationsNate Williams
Randy Magen
Royce Hudson
Respiratory CareLonny Ashworth
Social PolicyCynthia K Sanders
Social Work EducationHeather Witt
Sport Psychology Eric Martin
Adolescent Health Megan Smith
April Watts
Translational Health Luke Montrose