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Heather Witt

Heather Witt, PhD, LMSW

Social work education related to policy and advocacy, human rights (with special interest in those related to human sexuality issues), and political engagement


Keywords: policy, human rights, human sexuality, advocacy, social work education

Research Profile:

Current projects: Human rights endorsement of social work students; Political efficacy of social work students; Examining social work students’ attitudes and levels of knowledge about abortion; Lack of visibility of transgender issues within social work education; When policy practice goes wrong

Recent Past Projects: Witt, H. (2019). Special Topics: Infertility. In Sexuality Concepts for Social Workers and Human Service Professionals by Ingersoll, T. & Satterly, B. (2nd ed.). San Diego, CA: Cognella.

Witt, H., Goldblatt Hyatt, E., Franklin, C., Younes, M. (2019). Self-Determination and Abortion Access: A Pro-Choice Perspective on the International Statement of Ethical Principles. In Handbook on Social Work Ethics and Values by Marson, S. & McKinney, R. (Eds). London: Routledge Press.

Poulin, J., Mathis, S., & Witt, H. (2018). The Social Work Field Placement: A Competency-Based Approach. New York: Springer.