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Jill Chonody

Photo of Jill Chonody

Jill Chonody, PhD, MSW, LCSW

Ageism & Aging


Keywords: ageism, aging, PhotoVoice, psychometrics, attitudinal research

Research Profile:

Dr. Chonody’s primary research interests include the study of attitudes toward older adults and how curriculum can address biases that promote social injustice against older people, those that identify as LGBTQ+, and women. She is also interested in the way that creativity can be used in research, in particular photographic techniques, and scale development to measure negative attitudes toward those who may be vulnerable or oppressed. Recently, she completed a study of social work student attitudes toward the environment, which also looked at they define environmental injustice and the extent to which they feel this is part of professional social work practice. She is currently collaborating with her research partner to analyze data collected from community members aged 55+ to explore their views on what successful aging means, their perspective on the aging process, and the extent to which they harbor internalized ageism.

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