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Laura Petranek

Photo of Laura PetranaekLaura J. Petranek, Ph.D.

Developmental aspects of learning motor skills (e.g., attentional focus and feedback, practice design) and youth sport coaching education (e.g., concussion education)

Phone: (208) 426-4366
Department: Department of Kinesiology

Keywords: youth sports, physical education, motor skills, skill acquisition

Research Profile:

Situated in the broader field of motor behavior, Dr. Petranek’s research interests combine the areas of motor learning and development among young learners. In physical education settings, she has explored areas of attentional focus and feedback, as well as practice design (contextual interference) when children are learning new motor skills. In youth sports, she has explored how concussion education impacts coaches when making decisions about their teaching strategies and is currently examining from a psycho-social perspective the impact concussions have had on families and adolescent athletes participating in sports.