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Scott Conger – Physical Activity Assessment

Activity Monitors During Weight Lifting Exercises

Along with Dr. Ho Chen and Jun Guo in the Department of Computer Engineering, Dr. Conger has completed a series of studies that have focused on the use of wrist-worn accelerometer-based activity monitors to monitor the different aspects of resistance training exercises. The goal of this research is to provide an objective method of monitoring resistance training exercises. This information is critical for researchers interested in investigating the short term and long term health benefits of these types of activities.


Kinesiology Department and Department of Computer Engineering at Boise State University

Additional Information:

Scott Conger

Conger’s research interests include the application of objective methods to assess physical activity using various types of physical activity monitors. His studies have focused on populations such as healthy children and adults, older adults, individuals who use wheelchairs, and women during pregnancy.

Principal Investigator:

Scott Conger, Ph.D

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