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Tyler Brown – Center for Orthopedic & Biomechanics Research

Mechanical and Neuromuscular Characteristics of Movement

The Center for Orthopedic & Biomechanics Research (COBR), seeks to advance understanding of the mechanical and neuromuscular characteristics of human movement through basic science, engineering, clinical research and education. COBR’s research capabilities has provided the Treasure Valley with services that include Clinical Gait Analysis in partnership with St. Luke’s Children’s Hospital, Bike Fitting, and Golf Swing Analysis.

Current Center Research:

Emerging IMU Technology, Ankle Roll Guard, St. Luke’s Fellowship Program

Additional Information:

Profile Photo-Tyler Brown

Dr. Brown’s research focuses on assessing the impact of body borne load on soldier performance and injury risk. His involvement in collaborative projects include efforts to integrate novel imaging techniques and miniature, lightweight inertial sensors into biomechanical assessments of soldier performance.


Tyler Brown, Ph.D, CSCS

Contact Information: