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Tyler Johnson – Physical Education

Physical Activity in Classrooms

As a co-investigator in a team of colleagues from Boise State University, Dr. Johnson participated in the Physically Active Classrooms with Energizers (PACE) grant. Working with local schools, researchers evaluated how physical activity could be brought into classrooms, and created tools and tips to help teachers incorporate movement and physical activity into their lessons. The impact of using these techniques on educational outcomes was also tested.


The Institute of Education Sciences (U.S. Department of Education), Idaho Department of Education Local K-12 Schools in Boise, ID area, Research colleagues at Boise State University: Lindsey Turner, Brian Flay, Michelle Carney

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Dr. Johnson’s research interests include student motivation in physical education and adolescent physical activity levels. In another recent study he investigated step count patterns and activity time of inner-city minority youth grades 5-8. Dr. Johnson is passionate about designing and implementing positive physical activity and fitness experiences for young people.


Tyler Johnson, Ph.D

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