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Leslie Kendrick Receives Spotlight Award

Leslie Kendrick and Bob Wood posing and holding award
Bob Wood, director of the School of Allied Health Sciences presenting Leslie Kendrick with Spotlight Award.

Leslie Kendrick, associate professor and chair for the Department of Radiologic Sciences has received the School of Allied Health Sciences Spotlight Award for a collaborative research study between the Boise State Departments of Radiologic Sciences, Computer Science, Kinesiology and St. Luke’s Health System on “MRI DTI Anisotropy Measurements and Blood Protein Analysis Studies Related to Repetitive Head Impacts.”

The study examined the impacts of concussions on the brains of youth who play sports. Researchers from St. Luke’s, Kendrick, Steve Cutchin, associate professor for Computer Science, and Yong Gao professor for the Department of Kinesiology, measured the changes in the flow of fluid across white matter tracts in the brains of the study participants before and after a youth football season. As a result, the research team found that there does not appear to be a significant change in white matter to children’s brains before and after a football season. However, there is a correlation between total magnitude of head impacts to increased accumulation of white matter fluid.

Leslie Kendrick Presenting her Research

Researchers found these results suggested a pattern that needs to be analyzed with an additional study in order to form a definite conclusion. As a result, the research team is still working on studying other aspects of the brain associated with sports related concussions to determine the severity of the impacts youth sport injuries have on the brain.

The Spotlight Award series is designed to recognize outstanding Allied Health Sciences faculty and staff for significant contributions to the discipline that help set the school’s programs apart as national leaders. The award will be given annually to at least one faculty or staff member from each department in the school.

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