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Graduate Program

Dear potential graduate students in history,

Welcome to our history graduate program information page. So you would like to pursue a Master of Arts degree in History. Great! Here is what we can offer.

We have a Master of Arts degree with three academic tracks. The first option is called the “Academic Track” and offers training to be a research historian where you will complete a master’s thesis.  This option also prepares students for pursuing a future Ph.D. in history.  The second option is the “Public History Track.”  Public historians emphasize engagement with the wider community in sharing their expertise of history.  Students who choose this option complete a public history project.  The NEW third option is the “Educator Track,” and this option alone is available only ONLINE starting in FALL 22.  This new online MA is specifically designed for Teachers throughout Idaho and the region who cannot attend a graduate program because they have full time jobs far away from Boise.  This option offers professional continuing education in history for teachers and also prepares secondary education teachers to teach concurrent enrollment (high school classes that earn college credits) in Idaho schools.  For this option a students takes more classes and submit a portfolio of revised work at the end.

The Master’s degree can be completed in two years as a full time student. We do have an additional option for teachers — the Graduate Certificate for Secondary Education. This is a one-year program and is training for already experienced teachers to teach “concurrent enrollment” classes. However, the certificate is not — repeat — is not “teacher certification” for Idaho schools. This is a brief overview of what training we can offer you in our History Graduate program. Please see the rest of the site for more.

One thing I would like to emphasize however, is that we are a small department that offers more mentoring and camaraderie than larger institutions. We treat each incoming group of graduate history students as a new “cohort” that has a shared experience in common classes. Each cohort often studies together with opportunities to socialize together and form a support network for the hard work ahead. Graduate school is hard work and we have the unique structure to see you through the hard times if you are willing to work. We emphasize advising and keep track of our graduate students and will not let you fade away as happens at larger schools. In other words, we care. Please take this into consideration as you look around for graduate schools.

David Walker
Graduate Coordinator

General Questions

Graduate Program Coordinator

Dr. David Walker – please feel free to ask me a question

Office Location

Albertson’s Library
Room L187

Mailing Address

Department of History
Boise State University
1910 University Drive
Boise, ID 83725-1925



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