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Undergraduate Program

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The study of history contributes in important ways to the development of the individual as both public and private citizen.

The study of history also refines self-identity through the collective memory that serves to place us in the stream of time and connect us to the people and events that shaped our world.

Boise State’s History Department offers opportunities to study varied fields, with faculty specializing in Latin America, Africa, ancient and medieval history, modern U.S., Idaho and the Pacific Northwest, fur trade and exploration, U.S. Constitution, civil rights, Great Britain, the Middle East, Europe, Asia, women’s history, environmental history, religious history, and public history. The History Department is also home to a minor in interdisciplinary refugee studies.

Internship opportunities offer students an opportunity to put to practical use a variety of skills and information acquired in the classroom.

Additionally, students have access to study abroad at twelve foreign sites through outreach programs.