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Scholarships and Awards

History Department Scholarship

The deadline to apply for a History, or any other scholarship, is March 15.

To apply for any scholarship, you must fill out the general application, then you will be matched with qualifying scholarships. To begin the process and apply, go to the financial aid office and complete the application. Make sure to select the Boise State Application link to begin.

Financial Aid Office regarding general information and other available scholarships or visit Boise State University Scholarships.

Department Scholarships

  • Pat and Eloise Bieter Memorial Studies Abroad Scholarship: History major, 3.2 GPA, Sophomore or above, not renewable
  • Eugene and Lois Chaffee Scholarship
  • Kenneth and Dorothy King Memorial Scholarship: History major, 3.0 GPA, graduate of Boise Public school system and plan to teach History or Social Studies, not renewable
  • Alice H. Hatton U.S. History Scholarship: History major, 3.0 GPA, Junior or Senior, renewable
  • Ernest and Carol Hoidal Scholarship: History major, 3.5 GPA, Junior or Senior standing
  • Helen K. Mccarthy Memorial Scholarship: History major, top 10% of applicants, Sophomore or above, renewable
  • Patricia K. Ourada History Scholarship: History major, 3.4 GPA, Sophomore or above, renewable
  • Robert B. Sylvester Honors College History Scholarships: History major, in Honors, renewable
  • Merle Wells Public Service Award
  • Gottenburg: full time History major, woman, 3.0 GPA, Junior, renewable