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History Department Faculty

Faculty in Administrative Positions

John Bieter portrait

John Bieter
Secondary Education Advisor
(208) 426-5332
Room ACCS 114

Lisa Brady portrait

Lisa Brady
Department Chair
(208) 426-4309
Room L193

Joanne Klein portrait

Joanne Klein
Associate Chair and Undergraduate Advisor
Modern European Comparative
(208) 426-3248
Room L183

Bob Reinhardt

Bob H. Reinhardt On sabbatical for academic year 2023-2024
Internship Coordinator
Public History, Environmental History, History of American West, History of Public Health
(208) 426-1367
Room L173

David Walker portrait

David Walker
Graduate Coordinator
U.S. Military History and the Art of War, Global World War II, U.S. Foreign Relations, Love and War in World History, History of Firearms, Weapons of Mass Destruction
(208) 602-9288
Room L187


Emily Fritchman-Mahaney
Idaho History, Public History, Architectural History, and American History
Room L174

Jill Gill portrait

Jill Gill
American and Religious
(208) 426-1316
Room L180

Timothy Guill

Timothy Guill
20th Century American Military History & Conspirisicim in Modern American Society
Room L186

Erik Hadley
Early Modern Europe; the French Revolution; Ritual/Festival Studies; Indigenous Histories of the Pacific and Atlantic Worlds
(208) 426-4879
Room L189

Katherine Huntley portrait

Katherine V. Huntley, PhD
Associate Professor of Ancient History & Archaeology.
Director of the Libarna Urban Landscapes Project (LULP)
(208) 426-3220
Room L178

Raymond Krohn
Long American Nineteenth Century
(208) 426-4630
Room L188



Lisa McClain portrait

Lisa McClain
Renaissance and Reformation Europe, Christianity, Gender Studies
(208) 426-1985
Room L176

Ida Meftahi

Ida Meftahi
Middle East
Room L181


Nick Miller
Room L179



Shaun S. Nichols

Shaun S. Nichols
History of Capitalism, Labor, and Immigration, U.S. and the World
Room L177


Adjunct Faculty

Suzanne Sermon
(208) 371-8620


Emeritus Faculty

Bart Barbour portrait

Barton Barbour
American West


Peter Buhler portrait

Peter Buhler
African, South Asian, and Religious
(208) 867-6415

Lynn Lubamersky

Lynn Lubamersky
Early Modern Europe, Family, Women’s History


Carol Lynn MacGregor (Adjunct, retired)
Exploration of the American West and Native American History

Charles Odahl portrait

Charles Odahl
Ancient and Medieval History


Carole Schroeder (Adjunct)
Asian and European History

Michael Zirinsky portrait

Michael Zirinsky
Middle Eastern


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