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Applying to the History Graduate Program

Minimum Requirements:

3.0 undergraduate GPA

At least 21 credits of history undergraduate classes (a history minor) with a 3.2 GPA in history classes.

Exceptions: We do make exceptions to these requirements on a case by case basis. Perhaps you attended college decades ago. Perhaps you have undergraduate classes in German Studies (some may be close to history classes). Perhaps you have had something published. Try to make your case. We do look at applications closely and do not immediately dismiss applications based upon some strict bureaucratic guideline.

Please note:   We only admit students in the fall semesters.  This is because we want to see closely knit cohorts of grad students taking the required classes (there are a few) together and in the proper sequence.  This is all designed for you to have a better experience in grad school and — if attending full time – to complete the program in two years.

All application materials are due by January 15th if one wishes to be considered for departmental funding. Please see our page on Funding, Graduate Assistants, & Grants for more information. Those seeking to begin in the fall without funding must submit applications by April 15th.

Also Please Note: We no longer require the GRE exam.

Actually Applying

There is a strange two-part system for applying to the Boise State Graduate School. Bizarrely, in the 21st century you may long for a paper application to write on but here goes:

Part one, go to the Boise State Graduate College page and apply to the Graduate College. That application will take you through a number of steps which leads to submitting the general application. (I pretended to be a student and applied and I know it could be easier.) Once you have a general application submitted (where they will also ask you to submit your transcripts and give you somewhat clear information on how to do it) you will then be directed to apply to the History Graduate Program after receiving several emails. They will have a link for you to access that page. Do not panic, there is always a way to get help with this overly complex process.

Part two, Once at the History Program application page eventually you will see where to submit the following materials: [I have added some hints as to what would be best]

  1. A letter of application — Tell us what you want to do in our graduate history program. Why are you applying? What do you see your future as? What areas of history interest you? Be direct and detailed as you can and say what you want to say.
  2. A writing sample — Often the best writing sample would be a research paper you did in an undergraduate history class. If you had a capstone class — a senior seminar — or something like that then that might be your best bet. But choose a paper that shows good research skills, a good argument you made, and general good writing ability. It should show citations and include primary and secondary sources. It should probably be at least ten pages. We won’ t know what grade you earned on it so submit whatever you like.
  3. Two letters of recommendation — there will be a place to submit names and contact information for your references. They will receive an email link to upload a letter. They do not send it by old fashioned mail to the graduate college.

Good Luck, and we hope to hear from you.  Please Note: We no longer require the GRE exam.