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Academic H-Option Application

H-Options allows students to receive honors credits for a regular class, often one required by their major but not generally included in typical Honors offerings. To receive Honors credits, students must complete additional coursework in addition to the requirements of the class.

  • Ex: ENGL 200
  • Ex: 001
  • Consult the current semester's course schedule to locate the correct 5-digit class number.
  • Ex: Fall 2016
  • What will you be learning about through your H-Option? How will this deepen your knowledge of the course material? What goals/aims do you have, and how do you see the project impacting your work in the course? 750 characters max
  • Will you produce a paper, a presentation, a video, a published article, a report on the research, etc.? Provide us with details! What skills will you be learning or practicing through completing this project? 750 characters max
  • Will you be working with your faculty mentor alone? Will your classmates be involved? Will you have an audience? Give us a sense of who will be working on your project with you. 300 characters max
  • How big will your project be? For example, you might describe the number of weeks you plan to work on the project, the page count (if writing a paper), how often you might meet with collaborators, the amount of data you intend to collect, etc. 500 characters max
  • How often will you and your faculty will meet to review and/or evaluate your progress? Will your project be included in your overall course grade or evaluated separately? 300 characters max
    I understand that I must complete my project as described in order to receive Honors credit for this course. If I decide I no longer wish to receive Honors credit, I also understand I must inform my instructor and the Honors College in writing prior to the end of the semester.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.